Why Remy for You?

Remy hair is real highest quality of original human hair used in making hair extensions. They are usually misunderstood as virgin hair. The other name for them is cuticle hair. The cuticles are laid in the same direction after the hair from the donor is received. After that they are styled, colored, curled etc and the cuticle is removed. They are the most preferred hair because they don’t get tangled; they are smooth, shiny and give a very natural look.

Hair extensions made out of human hair can be used to give volume to your hair or to add length. These can be dyed, heated, washed, styled and treated like your own natural hair. They are superior to the silicon hair extensions which are very tough to handle and the durability is also vey less. The shine fades away after many washes and they start looking dull and dry after regular exposure to sun unlike Remy human hair. They get messed up very easily while combing, styling etc.

Remy hair lasts more than 6-12 months depending upon the brand and your hair care routine. They do not shred easily like non-human hair. The look they present is very graceful as to which people are ready to pay lump sum amount of money. They are matt free just like the normal hair.

They are an advantage to every girl who dreams of long, heavy, voluminous hair. The hair as in fairy tales can be achieved simply by owning a set of Remy human hair extensions which are practical, worth buying with a genuine cost. They come in all hair color shades and in all types of hair like permed, straight, curly, wavy, locks etc. You may choose your hair type extensions and flaunt them with your gorgeous, long and princess hair. Adding hair extensions to your hair can make you look flawless all in one go.


If you are tired of growing up your hair and using products to increase the volume then your time has come to finally have your dream hair by ordering Remy hair extensions and style them according to the newest trend as I have already mentioned that they can be curled, straightened styles, dyed just like your own natural hair. They are all you could have in one go.

We deal in clip in Remy hair extensions and wefts with universal hair shades which makes it easy for you to select your hair color. If still, you get stuck somewhere we are here to guide you throughout your buying process. Our Remy hair extensions can be colored, washed, heated (curled or straightened) and styled according to the latest fashion hair trend just like your own hair. We also offer you a low- price guarantee which marks our uniqueness from other sellers. Don’t forget to check out our blog where you can find new tips and tricks to upgrade your hair style in no time. Other bits and pieces like hair care routine and most up-to-date celebrity hair mode is available to inspire you and it’s not to be missed out. So why wait?

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