How to Apply ?

Hair Extensions, Clip-in Hair Extensions, How To Apply Hair Extensions

The first thing would be sectioning off your hair and tie most of it at the top of your head. 

Begin with the bottom section of your hair and start teasing off the roots of your hair. Spray the roots of back combed hair with a good quality hairspray for more firm hold.

Attach the clip securely to the backcombed hair with small snap-on clips that are attached to the hair extension. Make sure that you clip the hair extensions close to your scalp.

Once you are done with one section, let down another section of hair to attach more pieces to your hair. Again, start teasing hair at the roots, paying extra attention not to disturb the piece that has already been clipped in. 

Clip in the hair extension as before.

Clip in the side hair extensions above the ear making sure that the clips are not visible once you're done. 

Note: Make sure the extensions clip onto your hair, not to the extensions.

Once you've attached all the hair extensions to your hair, take the hair from the top of your crown area and section it off to be backcombed. This will add more texture to the hair and hide the clips.

Once you’re done, run your fingers through to blend the extensions with the real hair.

Tada! All set to go. You won’t even feel them once you clip them on! They are very practical and easy to use.