Hair FAQ

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is real highest quality original human hair used in making hair extensions and hair wigs. They are usually misunderstood as virgin hair. The other name for them is cuticle hair. The cuticles are laid in the same direction after the hair from the donor is received. After that they are styled, colored, curled etc and the cuticle is removed They are the most preferred hair because they don’t get tangled; they are smooth, shiny and gives a very natural look.

Hair extensions made out of human hair can be used to give volume to your hair or to add length. These can be dyed, heated, washed, styled and treated like your own natural hair. They are superior to the silicon hair extensions which are very tough to handle and the durability is also vey less. The shine fades away after many washes and with the sun unlike Remy human hair. They get messed up very easily while combing, styling etc.

Remy hair lasts more than 10-12 months depending upon the brand and your hair care routine. They do not shred easily like non-human hair. The look they present is very graceful as to which people are ready to pay lump sum amount of money. They are matt free just like the normal hair.

They are an advantage to every girl who dreams of long, heavy, volumous. The hair as in fairy tales can be achieved simply by owing Remy human hair extensions which are practical, worth buying even after the high cost. They come in all hair color shades and all types of hair like permed, straight, curly, wavy, locks etc. you can merely choose your hair type extensions and flaunt them with your gorgeous, long and princess hair. Adding hair extensions to your hair can make you look flawless all in one go. If you are tired to growing up your hair and using products to increase the volume then your time has come to finally have your dream hair by ordering Remy hair extensions and style them according to the newest trend as I have already mentioned that they can be curled, straightened styles, dyed just like your own natural hair. They are all you could have in one go.


Why wear hair extensions?

Hair extensions can make your hair look fully volumous and longer. They are a great way to change your look in few minutes. They are an advantage to people having hair thinning problems. They add glamour to your style as you can try many new trendy hair styles with your Remy hair extensions without any loss to your natural hair. Please refer to our length chart for this.


What is the difference between 100g & 210g extensions?

There is no difference between these hair extensions except the weight. All of our extensions are made of the same quality i.e. 100% Remy Human Hair. We have provided you with many options as we believe not everybody fits in all. Selecting of hair extensions generally depends on your hair length and thickness and also what volume you are looking to add. You can refer to our length chart for this.


How long do the remyforyou hair extensions last?


Our hair extensions last for 6-12 months depending generally on your hair care and maintenance. The hair extensions need particular care routine just like your own hair. Treat them with care and love for their longetivity. Check out the hair care routine for the related queries.


What is the difference between the clip-ins and wefts?

Clip in hair extensions can be put on or taken off easily without any help on the other hand wefts have to to be fixed in your hair using keratin glue. They can be fixed with the help of the hair salon. Clip ins need to be washed separately while wefts once fixed need not be taken off. You wash them with your own hair. Clip ins need to be stored straight and wefts needs no storage as they need not be taken off. Both of them can be styled, curled, straighten just like your own hair. They do not harm your natural hair. They both are 100% good quality Remy hair. The major difference is that clip in hair extensions can be removed on the other hand wefts are fixed.


How do you put up clip in hair extensions?

The extensions securely attach to your hair with small snap-on clips that are attached to the hair extensions. The clips that we provide are of high quality and ensure a tight grip that prevents them from slipping. You won’t even feel them once you clip them on! They are very practical and easy to use.


Can I swim in hair extensions?

We don’t recommend you to swim with your hair extensions on because chlorinated water in the swimming pool or the salt in the beach or sea may harm the texture of hair extensions. They call for a separate wash. Please refer to the hair care routine.


Can I return my order?

Yes, surely the hair extensions can be returned within 7 days of delivery but they should be untouched, unworn and odor free. You can write us an email in case of any problem. We will offer you full refund or we will exchange your hair extensions in case of color unmatch depending upon the issue. 

For any kind of returns, kindly make sure you contact our customer service team and ask for RAN (return authorisation number) before you ship it back. Returns without RAN are not accepted. All returns are paid back the same mode you made the payment i.e. if you paid by PayPal the refund will be issued to your PayPal account, if you used your credit card to make the payment, refunds will be issued to your credit card only.


Do you ship internationally?

We ship globally with no shipping charges. So enjoy our Free Shipping Worldwide!