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  • Why to Use Hair Extensions?

    Celebrities like Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Selena Gomez, and Kim Kardashian surprise the world almost every day with their new hair styles. This magic is because of the beautiful hair extensions and a talented hair stylist. There are some facts about hair extensions, that will help you to know more about the hair extensions or it will give you confidence to use hair extensions, if you are reluctant to use them –

    Why to use clip in hair extensions

    1. So, you want long hair ASAP, or you have cut your hair and now regret it. Use hair extensions. Turn your bob into a mane! Hair extensions help your hair reach their desired length.
    2. Hair extensions not only add to length but also add volume to them. Those who are having short hair, but the hair is fine and thinning, you can instantly add volume to your hair.
    3. Extensions can be glued in, braided, woven in or simply clipped in for a special event.
    4. Some women want to try different color but are afraid of damaging or dying their original hair. By using hair extensions, you can highlight or color your new hair – with shades ranging from mild to wild.
    5. In this ever-busy world, women are busier than men, as they have to manage HOME+WORK. So, for the women who do not get time to try different styles, hair extensions are the perfect solution. You can get different textures of hair, you can get wavy to tight curls or whatever you like.
    6. Applying hair extensions to your hair isn’t painful. The process should not hurt you a bit.

    Why to use clip-in Indian hair extensions ?

    So, all the gorgeous girls out there get up and change your current look. You can have any style you desire with your hair extensions. Take the look of your favorite celeb or create your all styles with Remy clip-in hair extensions. Remember – “Why should celebrities have all the fun?”

  • How to Curl your Short Hair in 10 Minutes or Less

    Your new look will leave your friends in awe. Get the hot beach waves for your short hair in just 10 minutes. If you have short hair and you want the beautiful curls, you just need a flat iron for that killer look.  Using your typical curler for your short hair can be tricky, a simple straightner or flat iron is all you need for the gorgeous curls.

    Gorgeous curls for your short hair tutorial

    Let’s get started and get those sexy surfer girl beach waves, that too without the wind and sand of actual beach –

    1. You have to start with completely dry hair as wet or even damp hair could cause damage to your hair.
    2. Always use a hair protector before using the hot iron on your hair.
    3. Now take a thin flat iron – Thin flat iron works best for short hair, as you will be able to produce more curls by wrapping your hair around the iron more times that the wider curler.
    4. Now start curling. Take a small strand of hair and clamp the flat iron at the root of the hair and turn it in a way that it makes U-Shape in the iron. Just one rotation of your flat iron will give you a perfect C-curl or wave to your hair.
    5. Keep the iron in the same position and pull it slowly through the hair. For tighter curls, do it as slowly as you can. If you will pull the flat iron quickly, you will get loose waves.
    6. Keep doing it with the other strands also. If you want to get some fun waves, alternate the direction you curl each section.
    7. Set the curls and finish things off with a spritz of your favorite finishing spray.

    Gorgeous curls for your short hair tutorial

    You are now ready with the surfer girl chic style. Take a picture and post it on Facebook or Instagram. Your friends will be WOWED with your amazing look. One can never think that a flat iron can produce such perfectly amazing curls. And all this is done in less than 10 minutes.

    Its time for you to try it out. Good luck!

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  • Great Valentine's Day Gift for your Valentine - Clip-in Hair Extensions.

    Celebrate this Valentine's Day with a Sale! We are offering Flat 30% off on our clip-in hair extensions with free shipping. Make this February 14th the most memorable day for your sweetheart with remyforyou hair extensions. February 14 is celebrated as Valentine’s Day and the month February is celebrated as the month of romance in honour of the great Saint Valentine who revolted against the then king of Rome who was barbarically against the right to love and marriage for his soldiers. The message of love and hope spread far and wide and here we are, keeping the tradition up even after numerous centuries.

    Every girl wants gorgeous hair on Valentine's Day, most recent girls we've asked told us they spent a year or more growing out their locks before the Valentine's Day — and other girls took a shortcut and added hair extensions instead. But contrary to popular belief, clip in hair extensions aren't just for adding length; they can also double or even triple your hair thickness. If you have thin hair, growing it out doesn't automatically mean that it's going to look great on your Valentine's Day date. Length is no substitute for thickness! Our 22” Clip-in remy hair extensions provide ultimate flexibility and hair thickness. And with proper care, these hair extensions can last for years.

    Valentine’s Day is a day of love, lust, passion and most importantly, gifts. It is the best time to show your loved ones with your gifts that how much that special someone means to you.  Valentine’s Day provides couples, families and friends the time to give thoughtful and affectionate gifts, rather than opulent ones. When Cupid’s arrow is involved, the best gifts are those that come from the heart. So we have some very different and special handmade gifts for everyone from your parents, your best friends to your siblings, and of course your special Ms. Right!

    Valentine’s Day is just two days away and love is in the air. So if you wish to hit the right cord of your girlfriend’s heart on this Valentine’s Day who is also a queen of your heart or if you’re planning to let her recognize your feelings deep down the heart, then you can opt for gifting your sweetheart a beautiful clip-in hair extensions.

    Love is beautiful, love is eternal, love is happiness, so don’t hide it; share it with your sweetheart through our clip in hair extensions. There are endless ways to say “I love you.” If you’re at a loss for words or you want to express it in a different way then go for our artificial jewellery. Propose your love this February with our artificial jewellery or clip in hair extensions wrapped with your heart feelings on it. Add her name on our personalized note gift wrap that expresses your feelings in the best way and to make you gift very unique.


    No matter how many promises you make and how many words you express, this speechless form of expression says thousand words to your beloved. So this year plan a clip-in hair extensions as gift that would make her heart swell with joy. And for this remyforyou brings you an all inclusive valentine special offers which will leave you enthralled and is sure to sweep your lover, beloved off her feet and right into your arms. Here you will find best valentine online offers, discount and deals, discount coupons, promo codes and flash sales for clip in remy hair extensions & artificial Jewellery. Shop Now


    So get going and place your order now on to make this Valentine Day the most memorable day in your life to cherish. is all set to express your unconditional and irrevocable love to your beloved this Valentine Day.


  • How Juices from fresh vegetables and fruits can do wonders to your hair ?

    Juices from fresh vegetables and fruits can do wonders to your hair.

    The following juices if included in your daily routine will meet all your hair needs.

    They are full of nutrition and enhance hair growth. Juices are easily absorbed by our body thus leading to effective results. Check them out yourself:

    Aloe vera juice

    Aloe vera juice is best known for hair growth. It nourishes the hair with the vitamins present in it. Aloe vera also helps to get rid of the dandruff and itchy scalp. It makes hair shiny and less prone to breakage. Apply a generous amount of aloe vera juice which will result in achieving a lustrous and soft hair.

    Aloe vera juice Aloe vera juice

    Kiwi juice

    Kiwi juice results in faster hair growth. It is enriched with vitamin E and is very healthy. It also makes the immunity strong minimizing the hair fall. It acts as a cleansing agent which helps in cleaning the hair and should be diluted before application.

    Kiwi juice Kiwi juice

    Onion juice

    Application of onion juice to your hair results in great results of hair growth. Another good thing about onion juice is that it prevents the appearance of white hair. Rich in sulphur, it gives what hair needs i.e proper nourishment and flow to the follicles. The contaminations and harmful parasites are destroyed through the application of this juice for hair growth.

    Onion juice Onion juice

    Spinach juice

    Spinach is very good for body as well as hair. It has various minerals, vitamins, iron etc. which are very beneficial for the skin and hair. It helps prevent thinning of hair and make the hair scalp clean and clear. It also restores the shine and keeps hair in healthy condition.

    Spinach juice Spinach juice

    Guava juice

    It is highly packed with anti-oxidants and various nutrients like calcium, iron, follic acid etc. To derive maximum benefits of guava, it can be either consumed raw or can be sipped in form of juice. To refrain from hair loss, the leaves of the fruit can be boiled for about twenty minutes and wash your hair with that water.

    Guava juice Guava juice

    Garlic juice

    Garlic juice is used for hair growth since ages. This technique is quite old and works well on hair. It improves the texture of hair and supplies nourishment to the follicles.

    Garlic juice Garlic juice

    It makes the growth faster and increases the flow of blood. This provides a lusture to the hair and makes the hair smooth.

  • All you Need to Know About Top Hair Trends of 2015

    Here are some top 2015 hair trends to make sure you do not miss out any hairstyle:

    Long voluminous hair
    Long voluminous hair is in since 2014 and it’s still so much in trend. Adding hair extension to your own make them look super gorgeous and chic. Long hair flurried across most catwalks last season so we are looking forward for this trend to stay. This style is a must-do for all round the year 2015.

    Long Hairs, Volume Hairs Long voluminous hair

    Wavy hair
    Whether short, long, ombre, sombre, highlights way hair is a yes for any hair type. This style is easy to do and maintain and is much loved by everyone. Models, bloggers, celebrities are showing off their boho wavy hair then why can’t you? Add some clip-in hair extensions for more suitable look. Use a thick curling rod to achieve these waves or you can just plait your hair overnight to achieve loose waves.

    Wavy hair Wavy hair

    Braids and twists
    Braids and twists are the best hairstyle for summer, autumn and winters too. It’s the most perfect hairstyle when you are having a bad hair day. Magazines, fashion shows and catwalks have taken over completely this trend.

    Braids and twists Braids and twists

    Long sleek ponytail
    Long sleek ponytail is another upcoming trend for 2015. It looks amazing on any party, date night or for any event you name it. It’s super easy do using clip in hair extension which makes it stay in place. Use a straightener to make it look glossier.

    Long sleek ponytail Long sleek ponytail

    Big buns
    Top knots, big buns, hair up-dos are getting so much famous. They are coming our way and it seems the coming summers they are going to help you fight the scorching heat in style. So grab your hair extensions because bigger the better you see.

    Long sleek ponytail Long sleek ponytail

    Blow dried hair
    Blow dried hair have made their impact since the last season and we are holding back to it as it makes you look fresh and tidy. For the voluminous finish add some clip in extensions because it’s all about bouncy hair this year.

    Blow dried hair Blow dried hair

    Centre partings
    Remember all the Kardashians? Hell yes!!! Centre partings are here with a vengeance. They already have been so much in fashion this year, and this is set to follow on through to 2015. All you need is a tail comb and a straightener for this look. So get going gurls!

    Centre partings Centre partings
  • What is a Balayage effect ?

    You must have already heard a lot about Balayage which became the most popular hair colouring trend of 2015. Balayage effect leaves your hair with sun-kissed natural looking finish with depths and dimensions.

    Balayage is a French colouring technique that was developed in the 1970s. This technique rules out traditional foiling or cap highlighting. It is applied by free hand or with a precision brush. Balayage can be used on all hair type including the shortest pixie crop however it is preferred to have your hair below shoulders for the best results.

    balayage highlights, balayage effectThe process of coloring hair to balayage is quite time consuming and it kind of requires professional knowledge because it can get very tricky. The look created looks like that the hair has been out in the sun.
    The most advantageous thing of going Balayage is that it is very economical as you do not need to get touch ups done every now and then. It just lets your hair growth look natural with the Balayage effect.

    However, if your balayage isn't done correctly you can end up with excessive overlapping that can cause damage.One can add highlighted color hair clip in extensions to make the hair look bouncy and heavier. This may enhance the entire look, which looks ravishing no other than magazine cover girl.

  • The new celebrity hair trend – The- Ombre Now- Sombre

    According to hair experts it’s the new upcoming trend.

    It’s actually created from ombre just as the name suggests.  It is actually softer and subtle.

    Sombre starts from the roots and follows to the end. It starts getting lighter and brighter at the ends whereas in ombre the top of the hair is dark and the bottom is light. It is just slightly different from ombre but it still makes a big difference. Ombre worked for brunettes whereas sombre suits everyone-red heads, blondes or brunettes.

    Sombre - sort of ombre Sombre - sort of ombre


    • . Keep your hair long. Don’t cut it short this season if you are planning to sombre.
    • . Any length longer than the shoulders will look amazing in it
    • . Get a cut with layers at the bottom. It will help enhance the highlights.
    • . Don’t shampoo too much. Shampoo only when necessary as it will fade the color.
    • . Make sure the color is subtle, it will ensure more summery fresh look.
    • . Highlighting should start a couple of inches from the roots to nail the look.
  • Difference between Remy and synthetic hair

    1. 1. Remy hair are the real highest quality of original human hair whereas synthetic hair are artificial hair.
    2. 2. Remy hair offers the most natural look and feel whereas synthetic hair gives you a fake doll look.
    3. 3. Remy hair are amazingly soft with a shine as compared to synthetic hair which fades with every wash.
    4. 4. Remy hair are extremely versatile, These can be dyed, heated, washed, styled and treated like your own natural hair whereas synthetic hair are hard to dye, cut or style. For example if you bought curly textured hair, you won’t be able to straighten them.
    5. 5. Remy hair can last over a year with proper care and are more durable while synthetic hair looks cheap and are less durable. They only last for days.
    6. Human Hair, Remy hair
    7. 6. Remy hair are also known as cuticle hair. The cuticles are laid in the same direction after the hair from the donor is received while synthetic hair are artificial hair.
    8. 7. Remy hair are the most preferred hair because they don’t get tangled; they are smooth and shiny whereas synthetic hair are super hard to manage. They get messed up very easily while combing, styling etc.
    9. 8. Remy hair are processed which ensures that the hair remains super soft, shiny, silky and completely tangle-free throughout its lifetime.
    10. 9. The shine of synthetic hair fades away after many washes and they start looking dull and dry after regular exposure to sun unlike Remy human hair which can be handled just like you own hair.
    11. 10. Synthetic hair can melt after using extreme heat such hair dryers, hot-rollers, flat irons and curling irons whereas remy hair can be styled as desired.
    12. 11. The only good thing about synthetic hair is they are low-priced whereas Remy hair are comparatively expensive hair while quality matters.
  • 5 gorgeous party hairstyles to try on this Valentine's Day

    As we all know, Valentine’s Day is knocking our door. And we all want to jazz up for the event. So here are few effortless and gorgeous hairstyles which you can go for.

    Outward Curls with one side behind Ear:

    This hairstyle is very easy to do and also offers a very elegant look. Add your clip in extensions for some volume as bouncy curls looks more fabulous. Then soft curl your hair all together in outward direction with a heating rod. Side part your hair and pin up one side behind your ear with an accessory or hair pins whichever you like.

    Outward Curls,  one sided

    And leave the other side as it is and you’re ready to go. You can also wear an ear cuff if you are not using accessory.  We prefer using heat protection spray before using any heat appliance.

    Messy bun with side swept bangs:

    This hairstyle makes you look very charming and classy at the same time. Whether side messy bun or a normal messy bun resting low to your head is an easy task to deal with.

    Messy bun , side swept bangs

    Side swept bangs at either side of your forehead go very well with kinda bun.

    High messy topknot

    All you need is bunch of long hair. Add clip in extensions for a sexy messy up do.  Make a high ponytail, twist your hair and set the bun high at a suitable height to your face. Loosen it as you desire giving it a messy look.

    Messy bun with side swept bangsAdd colored or normal hair bun pins just to secure your top knot. And you are finished.

    Side braid with dramatic bangs:

    If you are running rate and your hair needs to be washed. Glam yourself up with this easy cute and a life saver hairstyle.  Side braid your hair.  Loosen it up by pulling your hair from the braid making it look messy and thick.

    Side braid with dramatic bangs:

    Jazz up the look by curling your side sweeps.  Add a bow or some accessory as you desire.

    Low bun with vintage curls:

    This hairstyle is my personal favorite for a date night or any party. Vintage curls will never disappoint you. Add some extensions and curl them into messy waves as well as dramatic side swept curls.

    Low bun, vintage curls

    Later make a small low bun at the nape of your neck. We bet you will look fantastic.

    Good luck.

  • Here are 5 different simple hairstyles that you can do with your long voluminous extension hair

    Long, healthy and beautiful hair doesn’t come easy. But when you have clip-in hair extensions to play with then who’s got hair issues eh?

    Here are 5 different simple hairstyles that you can do with your long voluminous extension hair

    1. Oh-so-cute braids are one of my most favorite and easy to manage hairstyle! If you are wearing your long hair extensions which makes your hair look thick and heavier, then you are at benefit because braids like the one in the picture below can only be done with long and heavy hair.
    Another braid that I recommend is fish tail braid. Divide your hair into two sections. Pull a strand of hair from the outer section of the first part and pull it over the first part and add it under the second section on the other side. Then keep on repeating until you want! The fish tail braid looks more elegant when you take thinner strands. It’s your wish to keep it neat or messy.
    Oh-so-cute braids, Fish Pony Braids
    2. When you’re going somewhere where you wana get noticed. Try something fancy like flirty pony tail. Clip in your hair extensions, brush all you hair with a paddle brush and all you need to do is tease you hair roots from the crown area to get some lift before you put your hair into a pony. Take a portion of your hair from you pony tail and wrap around your pony. Don’t forget to secure it with hair bun pins. Last but not least, curl the lower part of your pony tail and use some hair spray. Go on and play with your hair.

    Best pony hairstyle tips

    3. Half-do hairstyles are one of the most easiest and cute hairstyle any one can carry. Especially when you are too lazy to do anything with your hair. Back comb the crown area a little. Gather your hair into a half pony using your fingers, if you want a messy one or with a hair brush, when you want a neat one. Tie an elastic band around and tug the top so it creates volume and tada! Ready to go. If you have time you can curl the lower section of your hair to create more volume. You can also add accessories like a ribbon or a bow or cute colored bobby pins. As you wish.

    half updo hairstyle

    4. Another one is a side bun and it is a life saver hairstyle for me. Trust me and it looks soo adorable with long hair. It takes literally takes 2 minutes or so. You can hang around with this hairstyle anywhere and you can accessorize it in a hundred different ways. Do low side ponytails on any side you want then twist your hair into a messy bun and pin it in place you want. Let random strands of hair fall loose and voila. Flirt with the world!

    Side Bun Hairstyle

    5. Disney hairstyle? All the hairstyles are like perfect but Princess Jasmine's hairstyle is like sooo pretty and easy to do. It is also known as the bubble braid. Wear your hair extensions. The longer and heavier your hair, more beautiful will it turn out to be. All you need to do is tie your hair into a ponytail either at the back or the side.

    Disney hairstyle

    Then tie another band about 2-3 inches from the start of your ponytail and keep on repeating until you have a bubble braid! Tug out hair from the sections to make the bubbles look more puffy and done!

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